Bill was elected as a Republican to Winchester City Council in 2014, and resides in Ward 1 with his wife, Katy, and three boys: Clarke, Stewart, and Dawson. He is a graduate of George Mason University and attends Christ Episcopal Church.

William Wiley has been a member of City council since 2014 voted Vice-President in 2015 and President in 2018.  Prior to being elected to City Council, Wiley served for five years on the Winchester Planning Commission and was Chairman for three of those years.  Professionally, he serves as the business development manager for Howard Shockey and Sons, Inc. and is an associate real estate broker at Oakcrest Commercial Real Estate.  He resides in Ward 1 of Winchester with his Wife, Katy and three boys, Clarke, Stewart, & Dawson.  He is a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master’s in Education.

The Issues


I will oppose tax hikes on our citizens and work to repeal tax hikes that have been put into effect. This year Virginians will be paying higher electric bills, natural gas bills, and even got a hefty gas tax hike from Richmond. With 11% unemployment and many in our community struggling piling on with more tax hikes on hardworking people is not something Richmond should be doing, and as Delegate, I will work to roll back these tax increases that hit the most vulnerable in our community the most.

Jobs & Regulation

I will be a taxpayer ally in Richmond and the strongest advocate of the Upper Shenandoah Valley. I’ll oppose new tax increases and burdensome regulations that hurt our businesses and citizens. I will be a pro-jobs delegate that supports measures that bring new jobs to our community and fight for our fair share of tax dollars from Richmond.

Second Amendment

This year liberal Democrats led a full assault on our Second Amendment rights. As Delegate, I will oppose all forms of Gun Control measures that will infringe on your constitutional right to bear arms and work to repeal unconstitutional actions liberal Democrat legislators took in Richmond.


I will always support our Law Enforcement Officers. I will not support any attempt to defund our police. They work diligently to keep our community safe day and night, and I will be a champion for them in Richmond.


I believe that life begins at conception and that the Democrats’ attempts to use our tax dollars to fund planned parenthood needs to be stopped. As Delegate, I will work to stop it.


As a father of three children in schools, I want my children to learn about our shared history. Good, Bad, and Ugly. I don’t support symbolic actions such as renaming our schools or renaming streets. Right now, we are even seeing radical ‘activists’ tearing down statues of George Washington, where does it end?

I believe more historical context needs to be provided to the statues that currently stand and we need to look at adding more monuments and markers that tell more of our shared story from all points of view. Erasing the past isn’t ever the solution.


Fighting for the ones that have fought for us. I will continue to fight for Veterans rights, tax cuts, and spousal burial relief, etc in order to make the Commonwealth a place where Veterans want to stay and start the second part of their life after retirement. Virginia should be known as one of the best states for Veterans to live and that is my goal!


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“I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Wiley many years ago at Christ Episcopal Church. I have always been an admirer of his outgoing nature, devotion to his wife & sons, and his constant enthusiasm to see Winchester grow and prosper in the most favorable light. I support Bill Wiley for House of Delegates, knowing that has the best intentions for our community.”

Barbara Hineline
Fresco Kitchen

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